Ajax Guitar Academy Introduces MWR

Mid Week Review. This is an extra service we offer to all students. By sending in a 30-45 second video of the Student playing the material he/she has been taught 3-4 days after the lesson. This can be easily done via MS on the student or parents phone. Our Instructor can then see if the students form, technique and rhythm is in sync and it lets us correct any mistakes or deal with any difficulties prior to the next lesson.‚Äč This service in included in the weekly lesson fee.


The AJAX GUITAR ACADEMY is a guitar only music school focused on making our students the best guitarist they can be. To those students who pursue music with a passion we can take you to the highest levels. To those students who want to learn guitar and enjoy playing their favorite songs we can take you there as well.

Earl Johnson is the Head Instructor and Director of A.G.A. and has over 20 years of teaching experience and is a certified guitar instructor with RGT of England a division of the London College of Music. He focuses on a students strengths and weaknesses to improve his playing and correct any technical flaws in technique from the very first Lesson.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Chords, Scales, Fingerpicking, Soloing

Note Reading to Improvisation

Electric Guitar Lessons

Alternative, Rock, Pop, Blues - Learn all the Chords, Scales and Techniques.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Total FretBoard Knowledge for serious players who want to push the limits.