Ajax Guitar Academy Introduces MWR

Mid Week Review. This is an extra service we offer to all students. By sending in a 30-45 second video of the Student playing the material he/she has been taught 3-4 days after the lesson. This can be easily done via MS on the student or parents phone. Our Instructor can then see if the students form, technique and rhythm is in sync and it lets us correct any mistakes or deal with any difficulties prior to the next lesson.‚Äč This service in included in the weekly lesson fee.




BackGround & Bio

Earl Johnson has lived in the Ajax Pickering area for the past 30 years and raised his family here. Earl was previously the Head Instructor at Zone Music in Pickering from 2010 to 2016.

A.G.A. was born by the idea of having a specialized guitar only school. While at Zone Music Earl taught well over 800 students during his tenure there.

Earl formed the band MOXY in the 70's which released 4 albums with worldwide distribution.

MOXY toured the U.S. extensively with acts such as AC/DC, BLACK SABBATH, SANTANA, BLACKMORES RAINBOW, STYX etc. AC/DC opened for MOXY on 3 Texas Shows in 1977 when they first toured the U.S.

Named Q 107 Home Grown guitarist of the year in 1992 with Rita Chiarelli band.

Resumed MOXY in 2000 due to demand for live gigs in Texas and played the SWEDEN Rock Festival in 2001.

Corporate Life

Earl was the General Manager of CERWIN-VEGA Canada for 15 years when it was located in Pickering until 2001. CV was one of the most popular Speakers in the 80's and 90's Earl was responsible for opening FUTURE SHOP and BEST BUY with the product.


MOXY is a legendary Canadian Band that toured with AC DC - BLACK SABBATH - SANTANA during the late 70's. The band recently re-recorded 15 songs for their new cd "40 Years and Still Ridin High" available in ITunes.

ROCKER Music Tools

Earl launched this line of guitars into Walmart Canada in 2007 and it developed into a multi million dollar business. The product line consisted of Electric and Acoustic Guitars and Basses as well as drums and accessories.

Why Us?

A.JAX GUITAR ACADEMY treats every student as someone special. Each student has a different personality and character. This requires a teacher who is both patient and able to guide the student in the proper direction. We are committed to being the best possible guitar school period.

For those students who develop their skills quickly we will move you forward as fast as possible. Other students may need more nurturing and we will work to bring the best out of them.